Day 7 – About Matchmaking

So, here’s the thing about matchmaking. I dislike it in all possible forms. I dislike it in the vanilla space, I dislike it in alternative spaces. I dislike it in social gatherings, in schools, in colleges, in weddings, in when relatives do it, when friends do it, when colleagues, acquaintances (specially acquaintances do it). IContinue reading “Day 7 – About Matchmaking”

Day 6 – About Love – 1

Last few days, love has been on my mind a lot. I have been meeting people, lots of them. Interesting, mostly; engaging with them. However, I have realized that I have met and interacted with so many men by now that I know exactly what kind of a man I want. However, what I callContinue reading “Day 6 – About Love – 1”

30 Days Writing Challenge – Day 5 – About Disappointment

Let’s talk of disappointment today. Some months ago, a few friends disappointed me a lot. I remember how clearly, were they operating from their selfish desires and their momentary lapses of sanity. I do not think they are bad, malicious people by nature. If they were, probably I wouldn’t be disappointed in them. I wasContinue reading “30 Days Writing Challenge – Day 5 – About Disappointment”

30 days writing challenge – day 4 – for Prateeksha

Dear Prateeksha, Thank you for asking me to write about something I know is so personal to you. Something we’ve shared in common in that small girls’ / working women’s hostel in Delhi. Thank you for allowing and requesting me to write about our ambitions, our dreams, our struggles and so much more.  It’s beenContinue reading “30 days writing challenge – day 4 – for Prateeksha”

30 days writing challenge – day 3 – About Writing Itself

So, I got lazy again and procrastinated, obviously for non-acceptable reasons. But let’s not beat around the bush anymore and get to writing. So, often, I get asked by people about what is writing? Why do I even write? What do writers do? DO they consume copious amounts of chai and coffee? Do they everContinue reading “30 days writing challenge – day 3 – About Writing Itself”

30 days writing challenge – day 2 – About Betrayal

I am trying to write more regularly. I am trying to write not just for work, but for myself too. For my own sanity, for my own memories, my thoughts and more. It’s a purely self-indulgent exercise for myself. Thankfully I have some of you who manage to read my writings and share feedback withContinue reading “30 days writing challenge – day 2 – About Betrayal”

Songs and Windows – Sanwaar Loon

After a long time, there’s a contemporary song that makes me tap my feet to it. It almost makes me dance in my chair as my typing speed increases on its own. The playfulness, the snippets of the story, the snippets of the conversation in the original video almost makes one crave it. Unlike theContinue reading “Songs and Windows – Sanwaar Loon”

When an Uber Driver Teaches Me Acceptance

So, some of the most interesting conversations I have had are conversations I have had with Uber drivers and my co travelers in shared and pooled cabs. These have been conversation around society and politics (yes, you may wrongly thing that almost all Indians are politically aware people). These have been conversations around work, aroundContinue reading “When an Uber Driver Teaches Me Acceptance”

Maan Kehti Hai….

माँ कहती है सुन मेरी रानीतुझे सुनाऊँ नई कहानीजो कहती थी दादी नानीवो तो अब हो चलीं पुरानी। न तो तू कोई राज कुमारीन परियों की तू शहज़ादीतू वो हिस्सा है दुनिया काजो लगभग आधी आबादी।नहीं ज़रूरत तुझे भीख की,छीन के ले अपनी आज़ादी।जी ले खुल के तू मस्तानी…माँ कहती है… मैंने तुझे कोख मेंContinue reading “Maan Kehti Hai….”