5 Reasons books are worth their cost

Disclaimers: By this post I am in no way trying to demean, insult the or devalue the sacredness in this universe that’s called books. Why I consider books as sacred may well be a subject for another post, for this one let’s find out 10 reasons to discourage those who say books are costly. They’reContinue reading “5 Reasons books are worth their cost”

Gratitude Journal Day 11 – 15

Day 11 – 1. The hanger pangs I get, for they help me learn self – control.2. The spilling of water on some things and hopes I’m really looking forward to, because they make me think about other avenues to things I want to do.3. The availability of information I have around me because itContinue reading “Gratitude Journal Day 11 – 15”

Gratitude Journal Day 6 – 10

Day 6 – 1. Random strangers, who enter my life and become precious. They allow me to embrace and acknowledge love, affection, camaraderie.2. A long weekend in sight for it will bring me the much needed relief and relaxation.3. My artistic, mildly creative, and expressive tendencies because it gives me a reason to feel likeContinue reading “Gratitude Journal Day 6 – 10”

Gratitude Journal Day 1 – 5

So, I haven’t been able to write for quite some time now. Writer’s block, maybe. Perhaps energy block as I usually think of it. A few months ago, I did a 15 days gratitude exercise and tried to count my blessings. Things , people, situations I was grateful for. The idea was to have aContinue reading “Gratitude Journal Day 1 – 5”

People – Him and Trident

Counting my blessings always makes sense to me. In this post, I will not mention his name, nor any recognizable character about him. He’s a friend ! In every sense of the word. I’ve written another post years ago on him, a post on my old blog. And I can still find it in meContinue reading “People – Him and Trident”