Forever… goodbye

Lion, this is not for you,you were meant to roar.Rule the jungle, find your lioness,and let your dreams together soar. Dragon, nor is it for you,you’re meant to breathe hot fire.You already have a dragon heart,to fulfill every desire. Bunny, it’s not even about you,you’re meant to go around hopping.To fuck and enjoy,to keep makingContinue reading “Forever… goodbye”

The Monkey God who gave golden discs to the old ma

So, this one’s coming right from my Grandma’s chest. Both figuratively and literally for I fealth her breath calm as she would narrate this to me, my head in her lap. The fact is that I’ve been raised in a Hindu household and in a Marwari family,and brought up with lots and lots of childhoodContinue reading “The Monkey God who gave golden discs to the old ma”

10 Aphrodisiacs for My Orgasms

1. Books I love them!! They’re orgasmic ! And this, only a book lover can understand. They come in all shapes, sizes, colors, genres, price ranges… and each of them tickles the grey cells that make me step into a different world.They make me wonder about the world, about myself, about people, about life, aboutContinue reading “10 Aphrodisiacs for My Orgasms”