We write to taste life twice

Anais Nin – “We write to taste life twice…” I’ve been thinking about what Anais Nin has to say about writing. I like what she says about writing as breathing, singing and what not. And in particular I love this one. “We Write to Taste Life Twice” And this makes me realize that I writeContinue reading “We write to taste life twice”

Anupama who are you ?

So someone asked me today – who are you? What do you want? What is it that makes you – you? And while I tried to give them the usual answers that I often do, I kept wondering, all through the process of this question – who I am exactly. Of course, since I refuseContinue reading “Anupama who are you ?”

Art and me – Filling blank spaces through jewelry

I was young when my parents exposed me to art. Art in all those forms that they had an access to, as a lower – middle – class – single – member – earning couple. But one thing that they had very different from a lot of other parents (their contemporaries and mine too, manyContinue reading “Art and me – Filling blank spaces through jewelry”

To be or not to be !

Hi ! I am Anupama! This is my usual introduction. But the obvious question is  – Anupama who? Anupama Garg? The daughter of my parents and the sister of my brothers? Or the professional who works at an X designation with Company Y? Who exactly am I? No, my friends. To those,of you who knowContinue reading “To be or not to be !”


सिन्दूर सदियाँ बीत गयीं,मैंने हनुमान को कहा था,“सिन्दूर की रेख,तुम्हारे प्रभु की, आयु बढाती है !”और.…उसने पोत लिया,सारे बदन पर ! फिर,सदियों सदियों,उसी सिन्दूर की दुहाई दी गयी मुझे ।और उसके धुल जाते ही,थोप दी जाने लगी,सफेदी मेरे सारे जीवन पर। अब,सदियाँ बीत गयी हैं।आजमैं सिन्दूर नहीं लगाती,किसी राम की उम्र नहीं बढाती।तुम्हारा समाज मुझे निर्लज्ज कहताContinue reading “Sindoor”